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Working Rehab empowers clients to manage their injury, disability or medical condition with the aim of returning to independence and returning to work. We provide rehabilitation, training and education that’s entirely focused on our clients’ needs and constantly evaluated for its effectiveness and results. Our services have been carefully developed around evidence-based practice and are delivered in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Return to work

Working Rehab is a registered Return to Work SA provider


We provide Allied Health assessments for Motor Vehicle Accident claims

Employer Services

We provide workplace health assessments, including pre-injury and drug and alcohol testing.

Driving assessment

Driver assessment and rehabilitation to support return to work goals.

Return to Work

At Working Rehab our aim is to help drive the best early return to work outcome because when work disability is transformed into work ability, everyone benefits – from the worker and their family, to the employer, government and the broader community.

Remaining at work or returning to work following a work injury has been proven to have a positive impact on recovery as well as the worker’s self‐esteem, physical health and self‐satisfaction. And it’s most successful when undertaken early.

Working Rehab can help in many ways and love nothing better than seeing clients return to productive work in a supportive environment.

Our return to work services include:

  • Worksite assessment
  • Activities of daily living assessment
  • Fit for work assessment
  • Job placement and vocational support
  • Independent clinical assessments
  • Pain education
  • Ergonomic and manual handling training
  • Job task analysis
  • Driving assessment and rehabilitation


We can assist with all your health needs assessment and rehabilitation following a motor vehicle accident. We work closely with the claimant and the insurer to understand the needs of the claim and provide a specialised approach to your recovery.

Employer Services

At Working Rehab we can assist with all your workplace health needs. We understand the importance of having a healthy, safe and productive work environment.

Our employer services include;

  • Pre-employment functional assessments
  • Drug and alcohol testing (clinic-based, and mobile services available)
  • Manual handling sessions
  • Ergonomic and workstation reviews
  • Injury prevention education and screening

Driving Assessment and Rehabilitation

Our registered Driver Trained Occupational Therapist can assist with all your driving and vehicle needs to support your recovery following injury or illness.

For more information please contact our friendly Working Rehab team on 8332 5575, or email [email protected]

Verve Team

Learn more about your friendly Verve Health Team.

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