Veteran rehabilitation

We provide support to current and former veterans, their families and carers addressing goals to promote health and wellbeing, independent living, community and social access. Services include: Return to work support Rehabilitation Provision of appliances, aids and equipment Personal response system Home assessments

Our allied health clinicians work closely with veterans and their families, to understand their experiences and challenges and to assist them with transitioning to and engaging in civilian life.

Our aim is to promote and deliver timely, evidence-based intervention and services, based on the principles of prevention, recovery and optimising an individual’s health and quality of life.

We perform the following veteran services:

  • Reviewing rehabilitation needs; identifying short and long term employment goals, evaluate for necessary treatment, provide vocational assistance, coaching and implementing return to work goals
  • Activities of daily living assessments; reviewing daily activities such as personal care and household tasks and provide recommendation on supports, aids and services that may be required.
  • Provision of aids and appliances to promote independent living

Verve Team

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Meet the team
Dean Rossi
Director + Senior Occupational Therapist, Driver-Trained OT
Sarah Rossi
Director + Senior Occupational Therapist
Alex Vorrasi
Exercise Physiologist
Holly Aiston
Exercise Physiologist
Ben Frick
Senior Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist
Rebecca Di Bartolomeo
Provisional Psychologist
Jill Corkhill
Administration and Finance Officer

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08 8332 5575
[email protected]

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